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Dog Obedience Training

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Training Schedule

We offer dog obedience training classes
at the following Lake County Illinois locations:  

Grayslake Lake Park District
Grayslake Park District Phone:  (847) 223-7529

Round Lake Area Park District
Round Lake Area Park District Phone:  (847) 546-8558

Wildwood Park District
Wildwood Park District Phone:  (847) 223-7275

Our next 8-week session begins on September 20, 2017.
Please contact the Park District for enrollment info.


"Dogs make us laugh. They comfort us when we're sad. They patiently listen to us complain about everything. And they don't care how bad we look in the morning...  they still give us a kiss. They give us so much and ask for so little. We owe it to our dogs to train them!"
– Karen Okura, The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago, IL

At Doggy Day Camp, Inc., you and your dog will be under the tutelage of a knowledgeable trainer who cares about your relationship with your dog. Good manners are easily handled with a little bit of understanding, a sense of humor, and gentle, consistent training. Commitment, cooperation and patience by the owner, along with the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer, are the keys to success. Our trainers have many years of experience helping dog owners communicate with their canine friends.

Dog Training Method

We cater to families who love having a dog in their lives. We teach a family how to live happily together with their canine friend, using positive reinforcement methods that are conducive to learning and retention. Unlike punishment-based techniques, which create unwanted side effects such as fear and distrust, a reward-based approach provides the foundation for a confident dog and harmonious relationship within the family. Our programs are designed to nurture mutual understanding and good relations between dogs and their families. After all, preserving the human-animal bond is what keeps our canine friends in their homes for a lifetime — and fewer pets being abandoned and dropped off at shelters.
We advocate easy, effective, and enjoyable training methods that are both dog-friendly and user-friendly. We apply positive motivation and reinforcement techniques, which focus on what the dog does right, not punishing what he has done wrong. The handler encourages the dog to do a behavior and then rewards the dog with food, praise, play, and attention. Experience has taught us that proactive training methods motivate the dog and handler to try new things, translating into an upbeat, enthusiastic attitude whereby the dog and handler enjoy working together as a team.

We believe in providing an educational service at an affordable price so all dogs and their respective families have an opportunity to receive the training they need to live happily together. Class sizes are small — typically eight students or less — to ensure students receive plenty of one-on-one attention. 

Enrollment Process

Please contact the Park District for enrollment information:

Grayslake Lake Park District
Grayslake Park District Phone:  (847) 223-7529

Round Lake Area Park District
Round Lake Area Park District Phone:  (847) 546-8558

Wildwood Park District
Wildwood Park District Phone:  (847) 223-7275

NOTE:  In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants in a class, we reserve the right to decline entry to any dog who presents behavior issues that may be overly dangerous, disruptive, or that may be exacerbated by participation in a group class. If behavior issues are discovered, our trainer will discuss other available options that are in everyone's best interest.

Course Description

Course:  Pet Dog Manners  (Dog Obedience Training)
Length:  8 Weeks (60+ minutes per session.)
Requirements: Open to all dogs over 16 weeks of age that are both people-friendly and dog-friendly.  Please bring veterinary records documenting immunizations and/or titers to the first class.  
Description: You and your dog won’t want to miss this fun, reward-oriented course. This is a great class for dogs that have never taken a class before or dogs needing to brush up on rusty obedience skills. We cover the basic commands: heel, sit, down, stand, stay, come, polite greetings and attention. Classes are taught on lead at all times, utilizing praise, treats, games, and encouragement. Come without your dog the first week so we can get in some vital (and fun) human training!
Includes:  Handouts, homework, and certificate of completion.
Registration:  Advance registration is required, since class sizes are limited.

What to Bring to Class

Flat buckle collar (can be nylon, cotton, or leather.)  

A five- to six-foot lead (no flexi-leads, no metal chain leashes.) 

A hungry dog and a variety of your dog's favorite treats, cut into small pieces.

An inexpensive fanny pack to hold the treats you will be using so your hands are free (no plastic baggies of any kind!)

Alternate equipment may be suggested for a dog that requires more control, but each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Families are welcome and encouraged to attend. In fact, we encourage anyone who lives with the dog to attend class, as it helps with consistency of training.  Please read our Children in Class policy.

For everyone's safety, when you arrive for class, please take care around other dogs you encounter, since some may not be good with other dogs.   

Children in Class

We are happy to have other family members and children attend our classes. In order to make it a fun and safe experience for everyone in the class:

  • Children must remain seated and under parental control at all times.
  • Parents must supervise their children during the entire class.
  • Children should refrain from running and yelling in the classroom.
  • Please explain to your children that not all dogs are socialized to, friendly toward, or comfortable around children, so they should not approach or pet the other dogs in class without permission.
  • If your child would like to meet another dog, please obtain the owner's permission, and only during non-instructional times.
  • Children can get bored observing class. Please bring quiet toys or activities to keep them entertained. 

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